Originally chartered in the 1940’s,

The newly merged Local 214 has provided qualified sheet metal workers to meet the demands of the unique industry found in Louisiana and Mississippi. From high rise building to residential homes the local has always provided the highest quality craftsmanship to complete any sheet metal task on time and on budget. Local members have always understood the phrase, “A fair days pay for affair days’ work.” This philosophy has earned Local members one of the highest pay rates among building, and construction trade Locals in Louisiana and a respectable market share.


The three main trades.

Everywhere you look there is always some type of architectural sheet metal.  From gutters and flashing on a house or high rises, to ornamental on church stepals, metal work in malls, the River Center, Casino’s Louisiana Super Dome, Aquarium of the America’s, Bass Pro Shops.  The list goes on and on.  The use of metal has become more popular in the last fifty years than ever before. From copper to stainless, aluminum, galvanized, or even different types of color metal there is limitless skills to be learned and craftsmanship to be proud of.


Welding is a skill that is very important to our trade. From the industrial use that is very important to Louisiana economy to the tables or counters seen in restaurants.  Learning the serval types of welding (arc welding, mig welding, and tig welding, oxy fuel) can give you the knowledge that is needed every day for specialized jobs. There is unlimited material needed for all types of welding and different techniques to learn to become a great craftsman. When you are ready, certification can be given on the different types of weld and your opportunity is limitless.


HVAC and Service skills are one of the most important trades to learn in Louisiana.

As everyone knows the summer that comes with our great state we need something to cool us. From installing duct work and air condition units in a house, to managing and installing multi-duct work and multizone units in commercial buildings. Servicing all types of unit with different refrigerants is in great demand and a great skill to be learned.


We will pride ourselves on the ability to provide highly skilled, highly trained, safe and productive sheet metal workers to, (but not limited to), a contractor’s, owners, designers, and government agencies within the construction, development, maintenance, and design industries. It is also our mission to continue to insure fair wages, benefits and safe conditions thru collective bargaining.